Umpire Accreditation 2020 season

ECB ACO has announced that there will be no umpire accreditation at both U2A and U3A levels in 2020. This is simply due to the circumstances arising from Covid-19 and the issues of trying to ensure a level playing field across the country where some leagues will start cricket but others have already cancelled their season. It would also be unfair to try to observe and assess umpires in an environment where they will need to make adjustments to match management and fieldcraft to comply with ECB guidance on resuming cricket safely. Any outstanding accreditations from last season will be carried forward to 2021.

Also a reminder that current umpire gradings will remain the same for 2021. No adjustments will be made as a result of the shortened 2020 season in which some colleagues may not wish to stand. They will be not be penalised in any way in terms of grading going into 2021.

David Johnson

County Development Officer.