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    (The Association will communicate via email, rather than by post unless you specify otherwise. Please ensure that the details of your email address are correct and keep us advised of any changes during the year.)


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    The annual membership subscription is £20.00, but this is reduced to £15.00 for unemployed/retired members. In addition, if you pay before the 1st. March a discount of £10.00 may be taken.

    I confirm that the information disclosed by me on this form is correct to the best of my knowledge.

    I agree to the Warwickshire County Association of Cricket Officials (the 'Association') holding the above personal information about me, either electronically or in paper form, and to use the information for any reasonable business of the Association. However, this information may not be disclosed to any third party without my prior written consent.

    I also confirm that I agree that where an email address is provided, I consent to receive any written communication from the Association by email in lieu of by post.


    Additional Information required:

    Warwickshire County ACO are committed to providing training courses and CPD (Continued Professional Development) opportunities for ALL our members.
    To facilitate this objective we need to understand as much as possible about each individual member's needs, therefore we would like to collect the following additional information.

    Are you an Umpire or Scorer or Both? UmpireScorerBoth

    Are you a member of an existing League Panel? YesNo

    If so, what Panel are you a member of?

    Do You hold a certificated Umpiring/Scoring Qualification? YesNo

    What is the highest level Qualification that you hold?

    In what year did you gain that qualification?

    Which body awarded that qualification? (please select one body)ECB ACOACU&SWCU&SA

    Please note:
    These are the only awarding bodies recognised by the Association.

    • Since 2008 all qualification have been awarded by ECB ACO.
    • Prior to 2008 the awarding body was ACU&S and their qualifications are awarded "Grandfather Rights by ECB ACO.
    • WCU&SA awards: Club Umpires with a County Club Umpires certificate.
    • WCU&SA awards: County Level 2C Umpires certificate.