Appointments (WTU)

Who’s The Umpire (WTU) is ECB ACO’s preferred Umpire Appointment software and as such WCACO uses WTU to match umpire members to County appointments. Fixtures are supplied to WCACO by various cricket organisations e.g. Warwickshire CCC, British University Council for Sports, and these are entered into WTU. Umpires register their availability to officiate on WTU and the WCACO Appointments Officer matches fixtures to officials and an appointment is made.

This requires Umpires and Scorers requiring appointments to register on WTU, however WCACO requires all members to register on WTU as it allows us to use WTU as our membership database.

Registering on WTU is very easy.
1. Go to
2. Click on the login button (in the top right-hand corner of the screen).
3. Click on the Sign up as a new user link (in the top left hand of the screen)
4. Complete the registration details and click proceed.
5. The Registration will then be approved by WCACO Membership Services Officer.

Please note – to register for WTU in Warwickshire you must:
1. Hold an up to date ECB ACO Membership.
2. Be a fully paid up member of WCACO.
3. Hold an up to date DBS.
Without these in place WCACO will not appoint you to any fixtures!

Registering Availability
Click On Contact Availability Tab

Make sure the following are shown in the drop down boxes at the top
Contact -Your Name
Months- e.g. February 2019 Onwards
Available- Anytime
Organisation- Warwickshire
Contact Type Umpire

Press Find

This should bring up a series of monthly Calendars for each month of the year. They should all default with a red X which shows you as unavailable. To change this you have to edit each calendar month individually.

Editing the Calendar
1. Click on the White sheet of paper in the Action Column
2. This brings up an editable Calendar
3. Tick each box for the dates you are available
4. Ticking the box defaults you being available all day. Use the drop down box to indicate the times you are available if you are not available all day.
5. Once you have reviewed the month and are happy with your availability, click on the save icon (the computer disk with a green tick).

Start and follow the process again for each monthly calendar in turn, however you can go back to previously saved colanders to amend them where necessary.