Further courses released by the ECB ACO

At this time with no cricket being played, when perhaps people are looking for things to do, the ECB ACO have added an online version of our stage1 umpire course to our existing “basics of umpiring” and “basics of scoring” online courses. The courses are free of charge , the details of these courses and who they are principally aimed at are :-

  1. “Basics of Umpiring” – This course is aimed at club umpires who just need to know the key laws and basic field craft and those players who umpire 5 or 10 overs at the weekend. http://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/jnqlsg
  2. “Umpire Stage One” This course is designed to give an overview of the basic Laws of the game and how to apply them and introduce the principles of field craft and match management. This course is an ideal introduction for new  club umpires, a refresher for existing umpires and the first step for those who aspire to umpire at higher levels. http://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/fnqrf1
  3. “Basics of Scoring” This course is designed to provide all the skills needed to start scoring. The course covers the basics of scoring a game of cricket such as scoring symbols, umpire signals, dismissals and gives a helpful overview of the Laws of the game. https://booking.ecb.co.uk/c/express/b3ff5124-d7fd-4e6b-acb4-806ca3d33e56

There will be further material made available in the near future aimed at the Scorer’s community, in the mean time Sue Drinkwater (ECB ACO Scorer Education Manager) will be giving a live demonstration of how to operate Duckworth Lewis Stern (DLS) within Play Cricket Scorer Professional (PCS Pro) on YouTube, on Wednesday 29th April at 7pm

You can follow along using your own copy of PCS Pro and ask questions via the chat window. If you want to join in, go to the RunsWktsOvers YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tGhlBmwYDU at 7pm on Wednesday. You can just watch the presentation but if you want to follow along, please have your laptop at the ready with PCS Pro already installed.

If you don’t yet have PCS Pro, download it free-of-charge from the Play Cricket website (http://play-cricket.com/updates3).  The demonstration will start with a game that is already in progress and has been scored up to the point that it started raining. The game has been exported from PCS Pro at this point and can be downloaded from https://www.dropbox.com/s/nml32bx1bori35n/20200424%20Scratchers%20v%20Notchers%20.cri?dl=0 and imported into PCS Pro as follows:-

1. Download the exported PCS Pro file (with the extension .cri) from the link above.

2. Open PCS Pro on your laptop (no need to login),  click on the File menu, then on Import Match(es).

3. Click on the Browse button (top right), navigate to the folder where you stored the downloaded “.cri” file and click on OK to close the Browse window.

4. Select the downloaded in the main Import window and then click on the Import button (bottom right).

5. If asked to confirm that the match was exported from PCS Pro (ECB full version) – click on Yes.

6. When you see the Import Complete message, click on Open Match Now. The match will open with Notchers at 167/9 off 18.5 overs in the first innings of a T20 match.

7. Don’t score anything else in this match until the demonstration starts. You can close PCS Pro with the match still open and re-open it later with the match at the same point.

We encourage anyone who is interested in the game of cricket who want to learn a bit more about the game to take part in these great resources. If anyone would like any further information about these resources or on becoming a cricket official to contact our County Education Officer on robert.evans.cricket@gmail.com

Stay Safe and we look forward to seeing you all on a cricket pitch as soon as we can

Warwickshire County ACO