ECB ACO Update

WCACO has received an email update from ECB ACO, which has been slightly tweaked for the benefit of improving appearance on the website below.

  1. ECB Update

“The ECB has released a statement for CCCBs and Premier Leagues, which you can read by clicking here. You will notice that this is a more positive statement about a potential return for recreational cricket in early July and refers to the roadmap I circulated to you last week which is also attached. I will keep you updated as developments occur. 

  1. On line courses update

We continue to see new registrations. The updated registration data as at 15/06 is as follows:-
Basics of Scoring – 1124
Basics of Umpiring – 2090
Online stage 1 umpire – 3174
There are a number of the people who have completed the course and have agreed to be contacted by their local County ACO. Additionally we now have a number of County Board Umpire Challenges registered that has generated another 1492 registrations so far. 

  1. Umpire Grading 2020

The ACO Management Committee and Regional Development Officers have agreed that for 2020, umpires existing grades will carry forward to 2021 with no movement either upwards or downwards. We believe this is fair to all umpires and is a recognition that even if play restarts, some umpires may not want to officiate in the circumstances and we don’t believe they should be penalised if they feel that way. Members will be advised in the next Over & Out which is going out early next week. 

  1. ACO Insurance

I have received many enquiries in recent weeks about the impact of Covid 19 on ACO insurance cover in the event of a return to cricket. Providing the match takes place in accordance with government guidelines at the time, insurance cover remains in place as specified in the schedule which you can read by clicking here.

We will make a definitive statement regarding insurance cover at the appropriate time.”