Commonwealth Games Cricket Opportunities


I have been asked to help source volunteers with cricket experience for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. The positions we are looking to fill are:

  • Team Liaison Officers
  • Match Official Liaison Officers
  • Sport Information Volunteers

There are at least 13 positions to fill and you are considered to be great candidates for the roles. There are also likely to be some support roles for groundsmen that may be of interest to some of you.

WHAT IS INVOLVED? The role descriptions are currently being written and I shall share them with you as soon as possible. In essence, the roles are to support the Match Officials/Teams to ensure that they have everything they need to help the matches be played smoothly and to schedule.

WHERE IS IT? All matches will be at the County Ground, Edgbaston, with morning and evening start times. Training will take place at the Foundation Ground with practice at local ground(s).

WHEN IS IT? The volunteer roles are not full time but you would need to be available from July 26th to August 8th 2022 inclusive. You will need to be flexible as the amount of time required on any given day will vary.

WHAT ABOUT EXPENSES? No expenses will be available but you will be able to watch, for free, any matches that your Match Official/Team is playing subject to carrying out the duties of your role. No driving is required and you will have free use of public transport.

WHO SHOULD APPLY?  Applicants will need to be reliable, well-organised but flexible in their approach, have a good knowledge of cricket officiating and have excellent inter-personal skills.

HOW DO I APPLY?  You need to apply, registering your interest, using the volunteer application portal on the B2022 website and, when required, enter the Sport Specialist Volunteer Code SPT-CKT. You can drop out of the process at any time should you not wish to proceed.

N.B. You must apply no later than Tuesday 17th August 2021 at 7pm for your application to be considered for selection.

Warwickshire County ACO is not directly involved in selecting candidates but let me know if you have any questions not covered above and I shall endeavour to get answers for you. I hope many of you will apply as the opportunity to contribute to such an important cricket event is unlikely to happen again.

David Bird


Warwickshire County ACO