It’s quiz time… ‘Who’s the Umpire?’

I thought it was time we had a small light-hearted (and hopefully inoffensive) quiz. Today I am posting the first 7 questions, well there is only one question ‘Who’s the Umpire?’ but there are seven different answers, it will be someone involved in Cricket, either a local umpire, maybe an international umpire or local cricket ‘celebrity’. Next week I will post the answers and another seven questions.

I will also post each of the questions and answers daily on our twitter feed and facebook page, so please pop by follow those accounts for regular updates.

Sorry, there are no prizes just a chance to think laterally about your friends and colleagues …….. or is it you?

WCACO Members Meeting 27th May 2020

All, here is the CPD material that we tried to share with you during the meeting. Apologies that it didn’t work successfully over Zoom. Please do try the LBW exercise on your own.

The Run Outs CPD module is also available at

Complete the exercises and see how good you are at judging run outs! The module tests your ‘Perceptual Delay’, do you see the batsman ahead or behind his actual position?

Please let us know how you get on with them

And if you are interested in joining the Tutor Group please contact Rob on