AGM Minutes 2017

Warwickshire County Association of Cricket Officials


Annual​​ General​​ Meeting​​ Minutes


The meeting was held at Moseley CC on Tuesday, 17th​​ January, 2017​​ at 7:30pm.


1. Attendance & Welcome

There were 51 members in attendance. A minute’s silence was held in memory of Bill Davis, Dennis Docking and Dave Woodward, who had died since the 2016 AGM.


2. Apologies

There were 34 apologies for absence.


3. Minutes of the 2016 AGM

The minutes of the 2016 AGM were distributed with the Agenda.​​ Ian Harris​​ proposed approving the minutes, and was seconded by Steve Scattergood. The proposal was passed nem con.


4. Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.


5. Chairman’s Report

The Chairman’s Report was distributed with the Agenda.​​ David Bird apologised for swapping the awards made to John Bates and Peter Cox in his report. Keith​​ Boyall proposed approving the report, and was seconded by Paul Stratford. The​​ proposal was passed nem con.


Level 1a and Level 2 certificates were presented to those in attendance who reached these levels during 2016. The Brampton Burroughs Trophy was awarded to Mike Iwanicki, who was not present to collect the trophy.


6. Secretary’s Report

The Secretary’s Report was distributed with the Agenda. David Johnson proposed approving the report, and was seconded by​​ Chris Brown. The proposal was passed nem con.


7, 8 and 9. Treasurer’s Report​​ and Statement of Accounts

These items were taken together. The Treasurer’s Report was distributed with the Agenda. The Treasurer specifically noted that while there had been 41 members join the Association, there were also 57 who had left. Howard Russell, one of the independent examiners, was asked to comment on the accounts. He commended the quality of the Treasurer’s book-keeping, and said there were no problems at all with the accounts.


Keith Boyall proposed approving the Treasurer’s Report​​ and Statement of Accounts, and was seconded by Eddie Boileau. The proposal was passed nem con.


10. Subscriptions for 2017

The Treasurer proposed subscriptions of:



£5Social Members


There would be a £5 discount for Employed or Unemployed/Retired subscriptions if these were paid by 1st​​ March.


John​​ Bates seconded the proposal. The proposal was passed nem con.


11. Election of Officers

Notification that all incumbents were willing to stand for election was distributed with the Agenda.


The following Officers were elected in turn:



John​​ Jameson, proposed by David Bird, seconded by Peter Cox.

There were no other candidates.

John Jameson was elected nem con.



David Paxton, proposed by Sue Redfern, seconded by Steve Scattergood.

There were no other candidates.

David Paxton was elected nem con.


Education Officer

David Johnson, proposed by​​ Ian Harris, seconded by Chris Brown.

There were no other candidates.

David Johnson was elected nem con.


Members Representatives

Keith Boyall and Chris Brown, proposed by David Johnson, seconded by Paul Stratford.

There were no other candidates.

Keith Boyall and Chris Brown were elected nem con.


12. Appointment of Independent Examiners

Don Williams was standing down​​ after 10 years, and was thanked by John Jameson. Howard Russell was willing to continue, and David Griffith was prepared to stand.


Keith Boyall proposed appointing Howard Russell and David Griffith as independent examiners. This was seconded by Mark Turner. The proposal was passed nem con.


13. Nominations for Life Membership

There were no nominations for Life Membership.


14. Nominations for Vice President

There were no nominations for Vice President.


15. Any Other Business


Dates of 2017 Monthly Meetings

The schedule of meetings had changed from the one distributed with the Agenda. The Chairman informed the meeting of the changes, and explained that the full schedule will be available on the website. The Day at the Cricket had not been fixed due to the introduction of a Day/Night county fixture this season, and the shortage of possible dates. There was a mild preference (16-13) for holding the Day at the Cricket alongside the Day/Night fixture.


Umpires Courses this Winter

The Level 1A course is taking place at the end of January. The Level 2 course registration deadline is 27th​​ January. No observer courses are being planned. There is an assessor course on 26th​​ February at Kidderminster CC.


Scorers’ Courses

Heather Vernon was not at the meeting due to other commitments at Lord’s.


Laws of Cricket

The President explained that new Laws will come into force in England from the 2018 season.


Nominations for ECB ACO Life Membership

Peter Cox received this award and formally thanked David Bird and the Committee for nominating him.


DBS Renewals

Keith​​ Boyall explained​​ that members still needed to notify the current Midlands Regional Appointments Officer of DBS renewals until the West Midlands organisation is in place.


Clubs Requiring 2nd​​ XI Umpires

Keith Boyall explained that two clubs, Harborne and Halesowen, were seeking 2nd​​ XI club umpires this season. Peter Cox led some brief discussion of whether or not umpires should stand there, or in 1st​​ XI fixtures in the Warwickshire League, where there was a shortage of umpires.


ECB ACO Postal Survey

Paul Boden commented that he thought it was surprising that less than 1900 people voted in the recent restructuring survey, even though there are more than 7000 members.


Midlands Cricket Conference Dinner

Colin Jennings advised members that this year’s dinner was on 10th​​ March, and that he was co-ordinating an umpire’s table if anyone was interested.


Membership Cards

Ian Harris​​ asked whether or not membership cards were now needed, given that the ECB ACO had stopped producing them. The Treasurer explained that the cost of producing these, £20 in total, wasn’t significant, and that he knew some members valued them. The Treasurer didn’t mind whether or not the Association had membership cards.


The​​ meeting closed at 8:20pm.